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By EW Staff
June 23, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Mail from our readers

The Win Crowd
Thank you for finally noticing one of the best shows on television, i.e., Lois & Clark. As a lifelong Superman fan, I have enjoyed every episode. I only wish ABC could have placed it on a different night so more of the country could experience the show that ranks right up there with NBC’s ER and Friends.
Alexander Hallock
Kansas City, Kan.

I’ve always enjoyed your photography, but this time you’ve outdone yourselves! The photo of Teri Hatcher with the beefy superstuds is outstanding!
Angela Russo
Roswell, Ga.

I am probably the biggest fan of Lois & Clark, but seeing Teri Hatcher in a tight dress for the millionth time is anything but super. Does Dean Cain have to drape himself on the Internet to get a decent photo in EW?
Nicole Neroulias
Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.

Bombs Away!
Kudos to the producers of Melrose Place for pulling the scene of a bombing from the season finale. They showed sensitivity to those affected by the Oklahoma City bombing and responsibility to the rest of the nation by opting to make last-minute changes. I’d call that class.
John Aldrich
Bowling Green, Ky.

AIDS Soapbox
I applaud the Soapbox article on the General Hospital AIDS story line. It is a subject that not many shows have dealt with, and I am glad EW recognized it.
Shawne Adelman
Roswell, Ga.

Rule of Crumb
I found ”R. Crumb’s Family Circus” insensitive and exploitational. Typical is the summing-up of Robert’s mother, ”portrayed [in the film] as a onetime amphetamine freak.” Robert’s brother does give his opinion that their mother was once addicted to amphetamines. Whether or not this is true, the substitution of freak for addict clearly conveys an agenda of turning the family into circus ”freaks.” Robert once told me that ”the press sullies and banalizes everything it touches.” Now I understand.
Terry Zwigoff
San Francisco

EDITOR’S NOTE: Zwigoff is the director of Crumb.

Brett on Roseanne
Seeing the name Roseanne in ”Winners and Losers,” I started thinking about everything she’s accomplished. She’s changed the face of situation comedies radically, irrevocably, and for the better. Although her show has never won a writing Emmy, Roseanne‘s writing continues to be among the finest on TV. And it cannot be denied that she’s made a bloody fortune doing what she — and no one else — can do. With all due respect, I’d be surprised if any woman currently on television does what she’s done. I’m equally surprised to read that she’s a ”loser.” I only hope I’ll be on TV as long.
Brett Butler
Beverly Hills