Christy Turlington is a part-owner of trendy club -- The supermodel bought a share in San Francisco's Up & Down Club

By Benjamin Svetkey
Updated June 23, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Some supermodels date musicians. Some marry them. But Christy Turlington may be the first to actually book them.

Following in the models-with-second-careers craze, Turlington, 26, has become part-owner of the so-hip-it-hurts Up &amp Down Club, a San Francisco nightspot that showcases a funky fusion of jazz and hip-hop called acid jazz. ”I was interested in maybe opening a restaurant or something in the Bay Area — that’s where I’m from — and my sister told me about this club,” explains Turlington, who was schmoozing it up in New York last week for Up &amp Down Club Sessions: Vol. I and II, two CDs of live music recorded at her joint. ”So I went and it was great. It was in this hip little area off Market Street. And I’d never heard jazz performed by such young musicians before.”

Turlington liked the club so much, she bought a share in the company (her partners include her sister Erin and local jazz guru J.J. Morgan). But don’t expect to see her busing tables or taking reservations. ”I travel all the time, so I only get to go there every few months,” she says. ”It’s like Robert De Niro owning Tribeca Grill. People don’t expect to see him there every night.”

Turlington isn’t going to win any Jeopardy! jazz categories (”I’m more into Neil Young and older sort of stuff.”), but the club’s performers seem pretty copacetic about the new co-owner anyway (”I’d seen her pictures,” says percussionist Josh Jones. ”I felt real positive about it”). And Turlington is clearly jazzed about the experience too. ”The doormen call me boss,” she says. ”I like the sound of that.”