Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn?t

By EW Staff
Updated June 09, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Iron Willis
As a die-hard (pun intended) Bruce Willis fan, from his days as the wise-cracking David Addison to his roles in In Country and Pulp Fiction, I would like to thank you for your sexiest and most overdue cover to date. Willis has more than earned his place in Hollywood. With talent, charm, coolness, sex appeal, and a great-shaped head, he deserves the best.
Beth M. Eck
Pottstown, Pa.

Hopefully, Bruce Willis spoke with an irony that wasn’t conveyed when he ”marveled” at what he perceived as a jaded attitude toward the Oklahoma bombing. Otherwise, his ruminations about people being ”used to this kind of thing” couldn’t be more out of place. If America is numb to huge explosions, it follows that most Bruce Willis movies have contributed to the numbness.
Cindy Schad
San Francisco

That was an interesting photograph of Bruce Willis on the cover of the May 19 issue. But where have I seen another version of it before? Follow me: Turn the photo sideways (nose facing down). Cover his face from his eyebrows to his chin. Erase the tattoo. Result: Demi’s very pregnant, very naked stomach once shown on the cover of another magazine.
Howard Phillips

Shooting Down Saget
And I thought Bob Saget just came across badly on TV. Through no fault of Lisa Schwarzbaum’s, this was the worst interviewee ever! This guy has no talent and, even worse, sits at home with his wife counting their nonexistent money and blaming everyone else for his flops.
Heather Risley

Bob Saget is quoted as saying ”[A]t Disneyland, ‘It’s a Small World’ should be like a shooting gallery. ‘It’s a world of bam! It’s a world of bam!’ ” Saget complains he can’t say things like that on his show. But I did say that joke during an appearance on An Evening at the Improv over five years ago. No hard feelings, but it is a small world, indeed.
Doug Benson
North Hollywood, Calif.

No Face Like Holmes’
Your article in praise of omnipresent actor Jim Holmes did not include one important accomplishment — his marriage to Beth Holmes, one of L.A.’s most active commercial casting directors.
David Stephenson
Los Angeles

Alternative Mock
Thanks for David Browne’s ”Surge Overkill.” The ”If you’ve heard of it, it must be crap” mentality paralyzes artists. God forbid they produce something interesting that might also be commercial.
Lelia Kelly