Larry King answers ten stupid question -- The CNN host talks about suspenders, Special K, and kissing Marlon Brando


Larry King knows how to ask questions. The suspender-loving, much married talk-show host has interrogated everyone from Kato Kaelin to Margaret Thatcher to Marlon Brando on CNN’s Larry King Live. As Live celebrates its 10th anniversary, we turned the tables on King:

1. Do you have a favorite pair of suspenders?
The one CIA head [R. James Woolsey] brought to me when he was on the show. It’s a beautiful pair of red suspenders with three spies wearing black hoods on it. It was done in the CIA’s secret shop where they make false passports.

2. What’s your best physical feature?
My voice. Is that a physical feature? My eyes aren’t particularly penetrating, and I’ve got a big nose, so I’d say my voice.

3. If they made a movie of your life, who should play you?
Oliver Stone said to me he’d like to do a movie of my life. I don’t know if he was kidding or not. Who would I like to play me? Personality — Richard Dreyfuss. Looks — Jerry Orbach.

4. What do you eat for breakfast?
Special K with sliced bananas and skim milk, a burnt English muffin with low-fat jelly, and coffee with skim milk. I like everything burnt. I can’t eat things that are mushy in my mouth. I can’t even look at eggs.

5. Whom would you most like to be stuck with in an elevator?
How long are we stuck? An hour — Sharon Stone. Four hours — Al Pacino. I’d like to talk to him about his movies.

6. Would you let Kato Kaelin stay at your house?
Not in my house, but behind my house. He could stay in the guest house. There’s a charm about him that’s definitely real, and to deny that is ridiculous. When he came to the White House correspondents’ dinner — by God, Gingrich was looking for him!

7. How would you rate Marlon Brando as a kisser?
He’s the only man who has ever kissed me on the lips, including family members. I’m a confirmed heterosexual. And I would have to say that I’ve been thinking about him ever since.

8. If you could visit any other planet, which one would you pick?
Everyone would say Mars, but I would say the Moon. I’d like to look up and say, ”Isn’t the Earth beautiful tonight?”

9. What advice would you give someone who’s about to get married for the first time?
Be sure. I’m not good at it. Or maybe you could say I’m very good at it. The best marriage I see is Ted Turner and Jane Fonda’s. But they work at it all the time. I don’t know that I’m prepared to work that much.

10. What’s the stupidest question you ever asked?
When I was just starting — I swear to God — I asked a Catholic priest if he had any children and how old they were. That’s pretty dumb.