By Caren Weiner Campbell
June 02, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

The same young hipsters who smoke cigars, drink martinis, and enjoy Nancy Sinatra records will groove on Mr. Showbiz, an online entertainment mag, with its faux-’50s graphics, its snarky prose, its attitude-packed fiction, and its lavish attention to Hollywood trivia. Those with a low tolerance for kitsch, however, are likely to find the site’s tone a bit desperate. Though well written, the celeb features are slight and invariably overwrought, the gossip is ho-hum, and the notion that a Hedda Hopper column from 50 years ago is worth your time is presumptuous. Even as the mix changes (some sections are updated daily, some weekly), the site’s preciousness endures. I know, it’s only show business, but a touch of earnestness would not come amiss. C