Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn?t

By EW Staff
Updated June 02, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Last Words
Thank you for the wonderful preview of the May TV lineup. I enjoyed ”Big Finishes: The Best Closers and Cliff-hangers of All Time,” but was disappointed that M*A*S*H was not included. This excellent issue makes me realize why I subscribe to your magazine. I can’t wait for your Summer Movie Preview.
Alex Curlet

How could you possibly have left out the final episode of St. Elsewhere? It was an inspired idea: The entire show and everyone in it existed only in the mind of an autistic child.
Elise P. Godfrey
Rye, N.Y.

To set the record straight, the final episode of Newhart was not ”dreamed up” by Bob’s wife, Ginny. She had absolutely no connection with the show. We should know. We wrote and produced the Emmy-nominated script (with special thanks to Dan O’Shannon).
Mark Egan, Mark Solomon, Bob Bendetson
Los Angeles

EDITOR’S NOTE: The writers were executive producers of Newhart.

Finally somebody gives Marcia Cross the attention she deserves. Thanks, EW, for putting the only talented Melrose Place actress on your cover.
Malaki Albert
New York City

Hello, Pena
I enjoyed your article on Latino-Americans in film and TV. But you forgot Elizabeth Pena. She charmed audiences in La Bamba and can be seen this summer in Free Willy 2. She’s one of our finest working actresses.
George F. Heller
Summit, N.J.

Unreal Estate
I, too, can’t figure out how Friends can afford their New York digs, but you forget that Mad About You‘s Paul Buchman is a silent partner in Buchman Sporting Goods, owned and operated by Cousin Ira. Or maybe Paul’s documentaries are huge overseas?
Steve Spignesi
East Haven, Conn.

Your article on the Internet response to the Oklahoma bombing left much to be desired in terms of objectivity. Of particular concern to me was the characterization of me as a ”supporter of the right-wing militia movement.” I do not condone terrorism. I do not consider myself ”right-wing.” As a matter of fact, I am a state organizer and handle Internet services for the Constitution Party. We believe in the eduction of the federal government to a minimal establishment. I support the right of the people to keep and bear arms, and to the extent that any militia organization assembles peaceably, they are acting within their rights.
Thomas L. Knapp
Springfield, Mo.