James Cameron, Carrie Fisher, Tom Selleck, and Kevin Spacey offer their opinions on the Internet

By Ken Neville
May 19, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Not everyone in Hollywood is sold on the cyberrevolution. At least that’s the word from some heavy hitters who weighed in at L.A.’s Artists Rights Digital Technology Symposium last month. Explaining why movies will outlast point-and-click CD-ROM adventures, director James Cameron (Terminator 2) told EW, ”Most people don’t have the arrogance to sit down in front of something that has taken years to create and think they can re-create as compelling a story in a matter of seconds.”… Revealing an on-line hangout she enjoys, Carrie Fisher quipped, ”Cops Who Flirt.”… Asked if his daughter has a favorite computer game, Tom Selleck said, ”We don’t want her to play computer games yet. We live on a ranch. She learns more from horses than computers at age 6.”… Does Swimming With Sharks star Kevin Spacey surf the Net? ”Oh, no. I’m kicking and screaming into the 20th century.”