Daughters' Day at EW gave girls a shot at creating a magazine

By EW Staff
Updated May 12, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

We respect Father Time, revere Mother Earth, and cherish our favorite son. But when it comes to our daughters, the English language — and, not unrelatedly, American culture — is sadly empty of role models. That situation is what Take Our Daughters to Work Day was designed to address, by showing young women that active roles exist for them now and in the future.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY was proud to participate recently in the third annual Daughters’ Day. On April 27, we invited 28 guests, ages 8 to 15, to our Manhattan offices and gave them this charge: Put together a six-page magazine on model/actress/writer Veronica Webb, who graciously agreed to be our celebrity subject for the day. Our novice newshounds quickly got the hang of personality journalism, peppering Webb with questions ranging from what she’d wanted to be while growing up (an astronaut) to her favorite color (lavender) to her perfect man (someone who’s ”self-confident, kind, and athletic”). One interviewer even did her best Barbara Walters, asking, ”If you were an animal, what would you most like to be and why?” (Webb’s answer: ”A lioness, because they’re so capable.”)

After the interview, our editors guided the girls through photo selection, headline writing, and shaping the story. Then the group got a whirlwind lesson in magazine economics, as the girls participated in mock sales calls with our ad staff. ”They asked tougher questions than some of our real clients,” says national sales manager David Morris. At the end of the day, our visitors walked away with a finished publication and a hard-earned appreciation for the complexities of putting out a weekly magazine. And we may even have found a few future journalists in the bunch. As 8-year-old Jaya Saxena said: ”This is so exciting! Everyone who works here must be the luckiest kids in the world.”