By Alan Carter
Updated May 05, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

For Victoria Wyndham, who plays nasty-turned-nice businesswoman Rachel on NBC’s Another World, April wasn’t the cruelest month but the busiest. Wyndham, who has been on AW‘s front burner for 23 years (Rachel is currently married to a man who tried to kill her on numerous occasions), is now getting even more exposure playing a dual role. ”Justine will be very bad — manipulative, controlling, neurotic,” Wyndham says. ”But she only looks extraordinarily like Rachel. She is not an evil twin. Daytime doesn’t need any more evil twins.” Wyndham is also touring the country in the play Couplets and recently filmed next season’s NBC movie Terror in the Shadows. But so much the better. ”I’m one of those driven people who loves to be busy. And sleep deprived.”