By EW Staff
Updated May 05, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

”All of a sudden I yelled, ‘I love you!’ and he got this look like Indiana Jones running from the big ball.”
Roz (Peri Gilpin), recounting a bad date, on Frasier

”Get this: Anna Nicole Smith has a cast on her arm. Apparently, she took off her bra without a spotter.”
Conan O’Brien on Late Night

”Bob Barker may countersue Dian Parkinson, but he says he’ll drop the suit if she can guess how much he would have sued her for without going over the actual retail amount.”
Bill Maher on Politically Incorrect

”He’s like a big golden retriever … If you take your eyes off him for one second, he’s going to run right out into traffic.”
Laurie Metcalf, describing Roseanne guest star Kato Kaelin, on Late Show