How it's playing in Peoria

By EW Staff
Updated May 05, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

History makes Hollywood nervous. Oh-so-modern screen stars risk looking silly when they tour the past in period garb. But a pair of movies about Scottish freedom fighters are taking just that chance, putting two of the world’s sexiest actors in kilts. You’ll have to wait until May 24 to see Mel Gibson in Braveheart, but judging from the thoughts Rob Roy — and Liam Neeson’s knees — inspired at the Landmark Mall Cinemas in Peoria, Ill., this kind of time travel wears well.

Violet Gioviannia, 52, grade school employee ”I like 17th- and 18th-century history, but this made it even more exciting. Neeson looked good in the kilt, but then, he’d look good in anything — or nothing at all.”

Evelyn Stamm, 74, retired clerk ”I came to see a love story and I’m so overcome, my knees feel weak. This was real love as I’ve never seen on the screen before. Neeson was fantastic, and he looked so cute in the kilt.”

Lynne Loy, 39, dental staff supervisor ”The scenery was beautiful, but the accents were so heavy that I missed a lot. I give Jessica Lange credit for not wearing any makeup. I also noticed there are a lot of bad teeth in the movie.”

John Walsh, 32, hospital security guard ”It’s a good action picture. As far as the kilts go, it’s not a fashion statement I can relate to. I just don’t see it happening over here.”

Irene Papich, 83, retired teacher ”I didn’t really notice the men in kilts — there was just so much else to see and it was moving so fast.”

Dan McAvoy, 45, engineer ”The acting’s OK, but the story was too slow. It seemed pretty believable — even the kilts. I don’t think there’s really a chance they’ll catch on here. I might wear one on Halloween, but that’s it.”

Mike Moore, 47, systems analyst ”There’s a bad guy and the good guys catch the bad guy in the end — what’s not to like about that?”

Terry Wisecarver, 53, social service consultant ”The movie was just too bloody for me. The rape scene’s harsh, but the blood was worse.”

Luz Latimer, 51, sports agent ”The scenery and story were beautiful — and so were Neeson’s legs. We saw the preview for Mel Gibson’s movie. He’s got the kilt, but he’s also got face makeup on. I’m willing to give Mel a chance.”

Connie McAvoy, 42, administrative assistant ”Liam’s gorgeous, but then, so’s Mel. It’s a close call. I think I’d like to see them both without their kilts.”

Ron Wisecarver, 55, social service agency director ”Tim Roth did well as the villain. My impression of the kilts? I thought they were supposed to be longer than that.”