Stars aren't afraid to show their roots

By Jessica Shaw
Updated May 05, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Cancel that hair-coloring appointment — it’s no longer a sin to let your dark roots show. When the high priestess of camp, Heather Locklear, was chastised by an In Style magazine reader for letting us see her ”black roots,” the actress reportedly argued, ”But it’s the style.” And apparently she’s right: Just scan the scalps of Courtney Love, Juliana Hatfield, Pamela Anderson, Rene Russo, and Kato Kaelin. ”Having roots makes you feel like you’re totally in,” says Beverly Hills stylist José Eber, ”but maybe only 5 percent can actually get away with it — on the others it looks sloppy.”

According to the experts, roots should grow no more than 1 1/4 inches. The effect? To look like you really don’t care when you actually do. ”Believe me, Madonna and Drew Barrymore have hairdressers around them constantly, but it looks hip to look like nothing was done,” says Eber. Of course, becoming trendy isn’t always intentional. ”It’s only when I get lazy that I have them,” says Fabio, who’s rooted in Jill Sobule’s new video, ”I Kissed a Girl.” ”They’re certainly not my favorite thing to look at.” Adds houseboy extraordinaire Kaelin: ”I follow my own leads. It’s just a Kato thing.”