This week's box office hits

By EW Staff
Updated May 05, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Here comes Sandra Bullock, barreling up the on-ramp of movie stardom. With While You Were Sleeping solidly atop the chart after its first weekend, the Speed costar has put plenty of distance between herself and supporting gal-pal roles. Fans weren’t as eager to see David Caruso make the jump from prickly TV detective to prickly movie ex-con in Kiss of Death, which checked in at No. 3. The telltale stats: Sleeping nearly doubled Kiss‘ per-screen average, although it debuted on 200 fewer screens. Similarly, the black joyriders of New Jersey Drive, opening on just 210 screens, drew about twice the total business of the white dopesters in The Basketball Diaries, which dribbled out on 300 screens.