By EW Staff
Updated April 28, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Million Dollar Movie Michael Powell (Random House, $30) Writer-producer- director Powell was widely regarded as an English cinema genius until his controversial film Peeping Tom (1960) created a scandal that wrecked his career. He was infuriatingly pompous as well as boringly pretentious. His notion of frank autobiography was to be ”honest” about others but enamored of himself. He started making movies in 1931, including some of the century’s finest (like The Red Shoes). Love him or hate him-or both-but don’t miss this brilliant take on moviemaking-the second volume of Powell’s autobiography to be published since his death in 1990-which features interviews with such notables as David O. Selznick, Samuel Goldwyn, Juan Peron, Dylan Thomas, David Niven, and Jennifer Jones. Too bad there are so few books this personally engaging and enraging about Hollywood. A -D.A. Ball