By EW Staff
Updated April 28, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

DAVE’S WORLD I loved your review of the Academy Awards ( 269, April 7). I also was disappointed with David Letterman’s hosting job. I awaited the Oscar show with high expectations, but even Dave couldn’t breathe life into a Gump-filled night. Please make this wrap-up an annual tradition; it was just as great as your Oscar preview. Roberta Powers Belmont, Calif.

Yes, David Letterman was out of synch with the rest of the Academy Awards show. But I say, change the show, don’t change the host. Who’s the fossilized relic who thinks we still want song-and-dance numbers with our awards shows? We don’t. We also don’t need themes for the evening. All it does is add fat to an already chubby program. Next year, open the show with Dave on his mark and let him go.

Alex Reid Los Angeles

I disagree with your comments about Letterman’s hosting job. He did an excellent job. The audience at the Academy Awards was too uptight and not spirited enough to enjoy his antics.

Risa S. Barisch Harrisburg, Pa.

Thank you for your in-depth post-coverage of the Academy Awards. Next year I think I’ll skip the actual show and just read about it in EW. Dan Pusateri Rochester, N.Y.

RESTLESS HEARTS Thanks for the article ”Young & Restless,” about today’s actresses struggling to be known as more than just supporting players. I was especially impressed by the subtle, if unintentional, irony in listing their upcoming projects: You identified almost three quarters by not much more than their male stars. After the article mentioned the problems of playing opposite big actors and being cast based on compatibility with male leads, actress Mary-Louise Parker’s quote ”They just wouldn’t get the irony” would seem to sum things up. Let’s just hope someone out there gets the irony. Elaine Wilson St. Petersburg, Fla.

The article on young actresses was on target. I hope the piece opens the eyes of influential screenwriters and directors and makes some deserving actress a star. David Harvey Nanticoke, Pa.

‘SATURDAY NIGHT’ FUNK Thanks for the perceptive piece ”Saturday Night Dive.” SNL’s decline can be traced to Lorne Michaels’ apparent attitude, as reflected in the slogan for the latest SNL film, Tommy Boy: ”If at first you don’t succeed, lower your standards.”

George Hatch Staten Island, N.Y.

I was disappointed that you seemed to lump films with SNL actors as SNL films. Of the 12 movies in the chart, only four started as SNL sketches: Coneheads, It’s Pat, and the two Wayne’s World movies. Zachariah M. Smith Pleasant Valley, N.Y.