By EW Staff
Updated April 28, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

REBEL YELL: He may seem born to play the part, but Hollywood’s current ”It” boy, Leonardo DiCaprio, has ”reservations” about portraying James Dean in Warner Bros.’ planned biopic. ”You’ve gotta think twice about this kind of role,” says DiCaprio, whose The Basketball Diaries opened April 21. ”There are good things and bad things about it. On one side, it’s a great character. On the other side, I could do nothing but duplicate Dean.” Yet DiCaprio, who says he’s still negotiating over the role with producers (who have also been looking for a director since Michael Mann dropped out), confesses to a favorite Dean performance: ”I really like East of Eden. That was his first film, and he was the best in it.” Not Rebel Without a Cause? No, says the actor. ”It’s just too teenybopper for me.” -Cindy Pearlman LIVE THROUGH THIS: Now that Live’s second record, Throwing Copper, has sold more than 2 million copies, you’d think the Pennsylvania foursome wouldn’t have any trouble with its name. Think again. Even with a disc in Billboard’s top 10, the guys in Live meet fans who mispronounce the moniker. (A tip: It rhymes with five, not with give.) ”When we named the band, we just liked the simplicity of the word live, and we really weren’t even thinking that it would be so confusing,” explains drummer Chad Gracey. These days, the band is pondering ways to turn that confusion into a boon. ”I’ve always said that our next album is going to be called Guns N’ Roses,” quips bassist Patrick Dahlheimer. ”Guns N’ Roses, Live! It’s gonna sell like hotcakes.” -Jeff Gordinier

OBTUSE ANGLO: Why we love Hugh Grant-he admits that stardom has gone to his head: ”I’m completely unpleasant now. I won’t talk to any of my friends, and my feet are off the ground.” He admits (tongue in cheek) that nothing irks him like the success of other British actors: ”I loathe Ralph Fiennes. I hope he has a nice big flop soon.” He admits his new film-The Englishman Who Went up a Hill but Came Down a Mountain-is unfortunately titled: ”People say, ‘You’re in that Guy Who Walked Into a Lake but Came Down a Stream film.”’ He also admits to crumbling in the face of his Hollywood favorites: ”I saw Clint Eastwood (backstage at the Oscars), and the only thing I thought of saying was, ‘Hey, are you presenting an award?’ It was my biggest show business blunder to date.” -CP