By Chris Nashawaty
April 21, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Back before everyone including Courtney Love surfed the Internet, about the only places where like-minded music obsessives could congregate were Holiday Inn ballrooms. Nowadays, nearly every rock, rap, and jazz act of note has an unauthorized site (or two) on the World Wide Web where fans can post lyrics, discographies, bios, audio, and photos. Here’s a mix of what’s out there. THE BEASTIE BOYS ( Crazy-colored graphics and obscure references to chopsocky films, hoops, and Tibet give this , outpost the flava of the hip-hop trio. And you’ve got to give it props for including video clips of the Boys’ recent performance on SNL and mail-order info-all of which brings new meaning to ill communication. A-

SHERYL CROW ( Sure, she’s a relative newcomer, but you’d expect a bit more than just a puffy bio for this multiplatinum artist. To wit: ”Crow’s superrealistic slices of life reflect the ups and downs of life in the ’90s from the perspective of a strong-yet-sensitive modern woman.” In other words, if all you wanna do is have some fun look elsewhere. C-

KISS ( aure/strwys.html) Whether you want to be a member of the KISS Army or just look like one, sign up here. On this page- which focuses on the rockers’ blood-spitting, thunder-riffing, Kabuki- painted ’70s heyday-you’ll find the contents of the KISS fanzine, Strange Ways, convention info, and a link to a home page devoted entirely to ex- guitarist Ace Frehley. A-

NINE INCH NAILS ( patters/nin.html) Welcome to the ”NINternet,” replete with video clips, arcane trivia (the possible meanings of the band’s name), and an impressive rumor folder, brought to you by the angst-ridden NINies who flood every nook of the Net with ”Trent Rules” postings. B

FRANK SINATRA ( buff/sinatra.html) You’re met by the words Ring-a-Ding Ding! above the cover of the 1959 album Come Dance With Me!, which features a winking Sinatra in rakish hat, motioning as if to say ”Over here, dollface.” Check out the Chairman’s opinion of rock & roll and more cuckoo- nutty photos of Ol’ Blue Eyes than you can shake a pair of dice at. B+ -Chris Nashawaty