By EW Staff
Updated April 21, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

Casting ‘Stone Thank you! Seeing Alicia Silverstone on the cover of EW ( 268, March 31) made my day. At the very least it gave me a reason to renew my subscription. Your article on Ms. Silverstone was exceptional. She’s an actress with beauty, brains, and talent, and Hollywood would be unwise to dismiss her as just another ”video Lolita.” Gary Reyes Los Angeles

Thank you for the in-depth article about Alicia Silverstone. I hope people will see that she is an actress with real potential, not just the ”Aerosmith chick.” Arsalan Iftikhar Downers Grove, Ill.

Alicia Silverstone on your cover? Must’ve been a real slooooooooooooow week in the entertainment world. Richard Halpern Orlando, Fla.

‘Marshal’-ing forces

Thanks to Ken Tucker for asking the question regarding The Marshal: ”Would you please start watching it?” Yes! Some of us have discovered this quirky and entertaining show, despite the fact that it’s buried in the Saturday at 10 p.m. graveyard. With its wellwritten, well-acted stories, The Marshal offers something for everyone. Come on, ABC, give this show a time slot where more viewers will see it. Vicki Kiger Richmond

Bush League

Here’s the formula for success in pop music: Pearl Jam – integrity + MTV support = BU$H. More British bands need to try it. They too could have a chunk of that lucrative American market. Susan Howard Midland, Tex. Eazy-E Legacy

In your article about (the late) Eazy-E, you mention that he has seven children by six different mothers. You also mention how worried the rap world is that other rappers may have been infected. Nowhere do you mention if any of Eazy-E’s children have AIDS, or if he transmitted it to their mothers. I realize you are an entertainment magazine, but nobody is making these ”stars” responsible for their behavior, and children are the ones who suffer. How about a little information on the biological legacy this man has left the world. Lisa Lippitz Bourbonnais, Ill.

Editor’s Note: According to Eazy-E’s publicist, the children and their mothers have tested negative for HIV.

Indecent Proposal

Thank you for making readers aware of the proposed Communications Decency Act. We have come so far in cyberspace, it is ridiculous that we would take a step backward. I understand the concern over children being exposed to (certain) things, but parents should know what their children are up to, and most on- line services do have parental blocking ability. We as adults and paying consumers should decide what is acceptable to talk about over the Internet. Gary LaTorre Jr. Mountain Top, Pa.