By EW Staff
April 14, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

INDISCRETIONS Glenn Close ripped her Sunset Boulevard producer Andrew Lloyd Webber for making her look bad. During Close’s vacation in March, the Broadway show fudged its reported box office grosses, increasing them by $155,000 and making it seem as if the show hadn’t suffered without its star. An angry Close % took the composer to task in a scathing letter, which was leaked to Daily Variety. Webber has since made up with Close. WEDDING NYPD Blue’s Dennis Franz, 50, married businesswoman Joanie Zeck, 47, on April 1 in Carmel, Calif., after a 13-year relationship. ”It was a very traditional and warm wedding,” says a spokeswoman for Franz. ”There were no April Fools’ jokes or anything.”

LAWSUIT Artist Robert Claypool is suing his former lover, NYPD Blue’s Gail O’Grady, for defamation, libel, and slander. Claypool, who filed the $1.2 million suit in L.A. on March 28, alleges that O’Grady posted notices on the NYPD set claiming he’d made death threats against her and asking that he be barred from the premises. Claypool denies menacing O’Grady and says the ordeal ”was blown completely out of proportion.”

ANNOUNCEMENT Sonny and Cher’s daughter, singer-songwriter Chastity Bono, 25, announced in the April 18 edition of The Advocate that she is a lesbian. Her parents backed her decision to come out. ”Cher is very supportive of her daughter,” says a spokeswoman for Cher. Notes an assistant to Congressman Bono, ”He is glad she has finally put this behind her and can focus on other things in her life.”

AILING Jazz vibraphonist Lionel Hampton, 86, is in stable condition after suffering a mild stroke on March 31 in New York City. ”The doctors are very hopeful because his speech (has returned) and he’s getting back power in his left side,” says Hampton’s publicist.

DEATHS Julius Hemphill, 57, legendary jazz saxophonist and cofounder of the World Saxophone Quartet, of complications from diabetes, on April 2 in New York City. Grammy-winning singer Selena, 23, of gunshot wounds on March 31 (see page 20). Veteran Western actor Paul Brinegar, 77, of emphysema, on March 27 in Los Angeles. Producer Matthew Rushton, 43, of AIDS, on March 26 in Los Angeles. Most recently, Rushton served as executive producer on Mrs. Doubtfire.