By EW Staff
April 14, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

ELLEN BURSTIN’ Who would have believed that the transition from attractive comedian to repulsive roadie could have taken just one issue ( 267, March 24)? Your usually excellent cover shots and interior photos were obviously switched with those of extraterrestrials. I suggest that the next time the photography ”interns” at EW have a project, you give them something a little less challenging. Other than that, it was a great issue! Keep up the good work. Greg Thow Indianapolis

Thanks for the excellent article on (my daughter) Ellen. Your writer really caught the essence of her goodness that I, and all her fans, love about her. The silly, hateful page of Ellen-Seinfeld comparisons had no meaning and didn’t fit. Otherwise, thanks again. Betty DeGeneres Los Angeles

I have subscribed to your magazine since its birth, and now I’m enjoying EW in cyberspace. But I’ll continue to get your magazine delivered to my mailbox. I can’t bear the thought of giving up the luscious delight of thumbing through those shiny pages. By the way, I’ve just finished gobbling up the profile of Ellen. I, too, noticed the similarities between Seinfeld and Ellen. Fans, rejoice! Ellen seems to have figured out a way to clear that up: She’s enlisting female producers. Michelle F. Solomon Scranton, Pa.


I couldn’t help noticing that your (Academy Awards collector’s issue) is less ”complete” than its cover proclaims. I guess to accommodate those five pages of cigarette ads, as well as the highly amusing Outlaw Oscars piece, you had to exclude the section profiling the screenwriters responsible for the nominated films this year. Thing is, without screenwriters, there’d be no films. And without films, there’d not be magazines like EW to reinforce the empty-headed perception that actors and directors work in a vacuum and just make it all up. One would think this simple equation wouldn’t be lost on a magazine written by writers; apparently one would be wrong. Frank Darabont Beverly Hills, Calif. Editor’s Note: Darabont was the director of Best Picture nominee The Shawshank Redemption and was himself a nominee for its screenplay.


I concur with your feature on the new series Under One Roof, and believe it is the most underrated show on television. I am an African-American male in his mid-30s who is living the life of the Langstons, as are hundreds of thousands of other African-Americans. It’s just too sad that Hollywood precludes, excludes, or refuses to see or realize that fact. Ron Taylor Northridge, Calif.

Corrections: In issue 267, we misidentified a photograph of Aitana Sanchez- Gijon as Debra Messing in the movie A Walk in the Clouds (News & Notes), and misspelled the title of the new CD-ROM Next Step: Mars? (Multimedia).