What the Country is talking about this week...

By Jim Mullen
Updated April 14, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

1. The Lyle-and-Julia Split Who saw it coming? They seemed so happy apart. 2. Blue M&M’s This is national news? Usually you’d have to wait until Gennifer Flowers said she’d slept with one before it hit the front page.

3. Seinfeld and Shoshanna Hard Copy saw them in a jewelry store, so they must be getting married.

4. Model A new tell-all reveals that they’re not very smart and they sleep around. Who knew?

5. The Wright Verdicts Tom Conti’s a British attorney in New York. You mean we keep out Mexicans but let in lawyers?

6. Bad Boys Martin Lawrence and Will Smith as wild and crazy cops. Why didn’t Mel, Eddie, or Bruce think of this?

7. The Donald and Ivana Commercial The multimillionaire and his ex fight over a Pizza Hut pie. I’d always heard it was a Georgia peach.

8. VR.5 A woman who can modem directly into your brain. There used to be a word for people like that: Mom.

9. Amazing Grace Patty Duke plays a new minister with lots of life experience. Like how to cope with ”identical-cousin syndrome.”

10. Winston Groom No one at the Oscars remembered to thank the guy who wrote Forrest Gump. Talk about stupid.

11. Spring Training Will they be ready by April 26? They have only three weeks to learn how to spit and scratch again.

12. Muriel’s Wedding Australian girl finds happiness in the big city. So why didn’t they call it Rent Controlled Loft?

13. Lorne Michaels-Bashing SNL’s exec producer is getting roasted for the past few seasons. You know it’s bad when there are more laughs at the O.J. trial.

14. Fashion Cafe Three supermodels open a new theme restaurant in Manhattan. It’s unusual. It’s got an all-you-can’t-eat special.

15. Rob Roy Liam Neeson plays the Scottish Robin Hood. He steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Less expenses.