By Albert Kim
Updated April 14, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

When some of us heard that Playboy was planning a ”Girls of the Internet” pictorial, and that it was asking women to E-mail in their measurements and digitized photos well, let’s just say it really got us booted up. ”We’ve always done these pictorials of real women with real lives,” says Eileen Kent, Playboy’s director of new media, ”because they represent the girls next door. And these days, the girls next door are into technology.” Serendipitously, modem lines got crossed and one cyberfold hopeful accidentally zapped her submission to us. Here’s a peek at what may be in store. Playmate Data Sheet

Name: Virtue L. Bunny Bust: 36D Waist:24 Hips:36 Height:5’10” Weight:125 Ambition:To get downloaded more often that Teri Hatcher. Turn-ons:Long moonlit walks on the beach on Myst Island; A candlelit dinner with the gentle sound of a modem screeching in the background; Bill Gates. Turn-Offs:Men who are just interested in my mind; carpal tunnel syndrome; IRQ and DMA lockups caused by faulty jumper settings on the cache controllers (I just hate when that happens!) Motto:Life is an information superhighway — I want to ride it all night long.. Pet Peeve: Bob. Ideal Romantic Evening: Slipping on a pair of black Internet stockings and crusing Silicon Valley for mean with really powerful processors. ;)