By EW Staff
Updated April 07, 1995 at 04:00 AM EDT

The career of Tommy Lee Jones has gone to the dogs, and it has nothing to do with Cobb’s box office gross. Jones, who plays Harvey ”Two-Face” Dent in this summer’s Batman Forever, now has a small-screen alter ego: Red Dog, the star of Miller’s Red Dog beer commercials.

Jones provides the voice for television and radio spots that feature a cantankerous English bulldog wreaking havoc at a dog show and disobeying a dead ringer for Mrs. Doubtfire at pet school.

”Tommy Lee Jones has exactly the attitude we needed to convey,” says Miller spokesman Michael Johnson. ”Some people don’t know that it’s him, some do. It really doesn’t matter. He has a strong voice. At the same time, it’s very approachable. And he’s equally effective for men and women.”

Miller won’t say what it paid Jones for his golden throat, but voice-over fees are soaring (United Airlines reportedly paid $500,000 to Oscar winner Gene Hackman for his spots). Jones’ spokesman says the actor has ”an exceptional deal.” Not so for the pooch, however. The dog, who goes by the name of Ugly, earned considerably less than Jones. Any wonder he’s grouchy?