By Melissa Pierson
Updated March 31, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

SILENT FALL Richard Dreyfuss, Linda Hamilton (1994, Warner, R, priced for rental) This is truly a murder mystery for the ’90s. I can’t say how, though, without giving away the denouement-the only reason to withstand the movie’s general gumminess. So here’s everything but the topical part: A bitter retired psychologist (the terribly earnest Dreyfuss) demonstrates his analytic mettle with the case of an autistic boy who is the sole witness to his parents’ savage murder. Some of this psychological astuteness might have been better employed to construct a more thrilling thriller. And even the brilliant doctor isn’t able to explain how the boy and his sister return to live in the house that is now a secured crime scene. B- -Melissa Pierson