By Gene Lyons
Updated March 31, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

My Gun Has Bullets Lee Goldberg (St. Martin’s, $21) Is it possible to write a novel lampooning the vanity, greed, and cynicism of TV actors, producers, and network execs without sinking to an unbelievable level of crassness? Probably not. My Gun Has Bullets is apt to make you cackle like a sitcom laugh track. Traffic patrolman Charlie Willis got his role as a heroic rogue TV cop, see, because the aging star of Miss Agatha-a megahit about a sweet, grandmotherly type who solves murders while baking cookies for suspects-shot him when he pulled her over for speeding. So her network gave Charlie his own series to keep his mouth shut. Now somebody’s bumping off some of the biggest names in TV-and setting Charlie up. When he inadvertently kills a cast member with a prop gun loaded with real bullets, he’s forced to do some real police work or his career will be over. Meanwhile, the crucial job of giving viewers ”enough ass, laughs, or bullets to hold ’em to the commercial” must go on. Author Goldberg, a veteran Hollywood writer-producer who honed his craft writing Baywatch episodes, among others, keeps the gags coming right up to the end. B+ -GL