By Chris Nashawaty
Updated March 31, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

JFK ASSASSINATION: A VISUAL INVESTIGATION (Medio Multimedia, CD-ROM for Mac and Windows, $59.95) If you believe Oliver Stone, Nov. 22, 1963 was the day America lost its innocence. But after giving a spin to this impressive disc- making its Mac debut after more than a year in the PC format-you see that it was also the day a great bit of multimedia was born. Everything a JFK conspiracy nut could want is here: the full, grisly Zapruder film; autopsy reports and photos; the full text of the Warren Commission report and Jim Marrs’ seminal JFK book, Crossfire; animated bullet trajectories; background on potential conspirators (Fidel Castro, mobster Sam Giancana, J. Edgar Hoover); and a look at shadowy types at Dealey Plaza. And it’s presented as any amateur sleuth would want it: free of any didactic, teary-eyed Kevin Costner speeches. A- -Chris Nashawaty