By Steve Daly
Updated March 31, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

TANKS A LOT: There are action heroes, and then there are action heroes. Take it from Tank Girl’s Lori Petty, who recently bumped into Jean-Claude Van Damme on a flight. ”I’m really jazzed about playing Tank Girl, and I tell Jean- Claude,” says Petty. ”He says, ‘Lori, put down that mimosa drink. You’re an action star now. Alcohol. Not healthy.’ Then he actually tried to put vitamins in my drink.” When Petty told Van Damme that she intended to finish her drink and even to enjoy a cigarette after the flight, he was appalled. ”He just walked away shaking his head,” says Petty. But not for long. ”Jean-Claude came back and said, ‘Feel my butt. If you were healthier, you could have a butt like mine.’ I’m like, ‘Jean-Claude: real-life movie, real-life movie.”’ -Cindy Pearlman CARREYED AWAY: Comedy means pressure, as Jim Carrey discovered filming Batman Forever. On the set, Carrey, who plays the enigma-spewing Riddler, never lacked for an audience anxious to guffaw. According to costar Chris O’Donnell, who plays Robin, ”Everyone would just stare and wait for him to say something funny. The minutes would tick by, and people were hovering and watching him.” Even a simple remark would incite hysteria. Says O’Donnell: ”One day, Jim said, ‘Hey, can I have a Diet Coke?’ and 10 people started roaring. It’s like, ‘Ahhh! Jim Carrey asked for a Diet Coke! He just cracks us up!”’ What did Carrey do? ”He sighed and went off to get his Coke himself.” -CP

DREAMER DEFERRED: DreamWorks teamer Jeffrey Katzenberg left Disney like a lion, but on The Making of the Lion King video, he’s gone out like a lamb. When Making aired on the Disney Channel June 12, it contained a closeup of Katzenberg extolling King’s virtues. But the crucial shot has been cut from the new ”collector’s edition” tape. While Katzenberg is still visible in group shots, he’s not identified by subtitle. Instead, it’s Disney vice chairman Roy Disney who’s heard singing King’s praises. Katzenberg has no comment on the editing. -Steve Daly

PAS DE DUH: Apparently, Tom Hanks has said all he has to say as Forrest Gump. ”I’ll be saying ‘box of chocolates’ again about the same time that Sean Connery says, ‘I’m Bond. James Bond,”’ replies Hanks to questions about a sequel. ”I have to confess I don’t see this as a franchise. A sequel would ruin what we had done. It would be like Jaws 2.” Another reason is the proliferation of Gumpisms. ”’Stupid is’ makes me kind of sick,” Hanks adds. ”It’s neck and neck with ‘Life is like a box of chocolates.’ I hate that one, too. Everyone is sick of them!” -CP