By EW Staff
Updated March 31, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

Diners John Baeder (Abrams, $19.95) First published in 1978, Baeder’s love affair with America’s lowliest eateries is back, with fresh anecdotes and 40 new paintings of-what else?-even more diners! Baeder, who early on rejected the ”greens on greens on greens” of the countryside as a subject, has for years roamed the U.S., hungering for his next diner experience. His passion for these old-time establishments (whose newer, trendier versions he disdains) is evident in his art. Every detail-every Coca-Cola sign, chrome curve, and striped awning-is colorfully and beautifully rendered. And no greasy spoon is too humble or too obscure to catch his eye. From instant coffee to instant immortality . Now that’s a neat trick. A -Erica K. Cardozo