By Vanessa V. Friedman
Updated March 24, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

This book, like so many books these days, is about abuse (the spousal kind) and enabling (the he-didn’t-mean-it-he-needs-me kind). This book, however, unlike so many books these days, adorns the topic with characters such as the greatest movie star in the world, his anthropologist wife, and a Native American cop, and with such settings as the reservation the cop came from and the Academy Awards. The star beats his wife, who takes it for as long as she can before getting amnesia and escaping to the reservation, reconciling her friend and savior (the policeman) with his heritage in the process. Though Picture Perfect‘s story is a good one, the fancy trappings of the characters are beside the point, and do not, in the end, serve to enhance it.