By Jim Mullen
Updated March 24, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

1 Shirley MacLaine In her new book she says Sinatra disliked Reagan. The ex- Prez wouldn’t kiss his ring. 2 Mensa The high-IQ society is moving its headquarters from Brooklyn to Fort Worth. Is that smart?

3 Tom Hanks Is there a prize he hasn’t won? Like the ”Showing Up in Person Most Often to Pick Up the Award” Award?

4 Ollie North He’s not qualified to do conservative talk radio. He hasn’t done time or been divorced, and he’s had a job.

5 The O.J. Trial Game You move little Broncos around a board, spend ”Ito” money, and have 12 months to play.

6 Dolores Claiborne Stephen King’s latest Plain and Crazy Woman story. Must be a horror rule of thumb-only good-looking people are sane.

7 Spring Break Binge drinking, casual sex, and nonstop partying. And it’s worse when the students leave campus.

^ 8 California More rain and mud slides. It’s the only place in the country where your lawn can beat the mail across town.

9 Bye Bye, Love Paul Reiser in a comedy about divorce, custody, and midlife crisis. Who knew it was so much fun?

10 Michael Jordan He’s returning to Chicago. But who will he play for? The Bulls, the Bears, the Symphony?

11 Losing Isaiah The birth mother comes back to claim her lost child. In case you missed the 50 TV movies.

12 The Space Shuttle A study says we’d save money if NASA were run privately. Like the billions saved bailing out those ”private” savings and loans?

13 Elizabeth Hurley Estee Lauder’s new face. Must they demonstrate makeup on people who need it least?

14 The Dollar It’s fallen, and it can’t get up. What do you expect? It’s 203 years old.

15 Hard Rock Hotel A Vegas casino for boomers. Woodstock in reverse. We are Stardust, we are the Golden Nugget.