By EW Staff
Updated March 24, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

DESCENT (Interplay, CD-ROM for PC, $39.95) Imagine playing Doom upside down with a gun turret strapped to your butt and you’ll have some inkling of the Descent experience-a headlong hovercraft plunge into twisty 3-D corridors populated by malevolent suspended robots. Like Doom, Descent has its origins . in shareware distributed over the Internet, and your enjoyment of the game will be directly proportional to the power of your computer (a Pentium system gives you higher resolution and faster action). But if you thought it was easy to get lost in Doom, you’ll find Descent absolutely disorienting-because your ship has full freedom of movement over 360 degrees, you can never be quite sure which way is up. A- -BS