By EW Staff
Updated March 24, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

Craft queen Martha Stewart has her own TV show; several books to her credit; a monthly magazine, Martha Stewart Living, whose cover regularly bears her serene, bedenimed, blond-locked image, and now-tah-dah!-her very own parody. Displaying creativity that (almost) rivals that of their muse, self-dubbed ”Irish wiseguys” Tom Connor and Jim Downey have concocted Is Martha Stuart Living? (Southport Beach, $9.95), a staggeringly accurate imitation rag. Marvelous mock Martha-isms include articles on making water from scratch (”Zebra wood beakers, carved from trees I clear-cut myself in the Brazilian rainforest, give the water the right woody overtones”); dominating tag sales (”I prefer the police wristlock to the headlock”); and making perfectly precise bedcorners (”I soak rotating sets of 700-point, South Sea Island, pima-cotton sheets overnight in a mixture of starch derived from imported Irish new potatoes and a glue-based fixative from one of my herd of Appaloosas ”). If the send-up seems dead-on, it’s no wonder: Old pals Connor and Downey (Robert’s uncle) hail from the heart of Martha country in Connecticut. Connor even had his 1982 wedding catered by the High Priestess of Presentation, and met her then, if only briefly: ”She was going 150 miles an hour around this kitchen that had enough copper pots and baskets hanging in it that if they fell, you would die instantly.” Is the pair concerned about bumping into their subject? ”I can’t wait,” says Downey. Connor’s less sure: ”Jim’s a big guy. I’m smaller-and more , nervous.” Not to worry we think. A Stewart spokeswoman says Martha is ”flattered” by the parody but ”she isn’t really talking about it beyond that.”