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Updated March 17, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST
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Kevin Costner isn’t the only star with summer-movie woes. Last week, TriStar unexpectedly postponed the eagerly awaited Mary Reilly and will dispatch stars Julia Roberts and John Malkovich back to London to shoot additional footage for the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde thriller. Why the reunion? ”People were curious what happened to Mary after Jekyll/ Hyde’s death,” says a Roberts camp insider. A production source, who was quick to praise Roberts’ performance and deny reports of friction with Malkovich, hinted that TriStar thought the existing ending is a downer. ”We have a lot invested in this movie (about $40 million), and the studio wants an ending they perceive as more commercial,” says the source. It’s a costly move-the studio now has only two big summer movies, Johnny Mnemonic, with Keanu Reeves, and Denzel Washington’s Devil With a Blue Dress- but it may pay off. Shortly after the Reilly announcement, Warner Bros. decided to tentatively schedule Roberts’ other new movie, The Game of Love, for August. If Love hits big this summer, Reilly has a better chance at the box office this fall. (The strategy worked for Legends of the Fall. The Brad Pitt starrer has earned TriStar $60 million so far after opening wide just two months following Pitt’s other hit, the $105 million grossing Interview With the Vampire.) Meanwhile, Roberts’ next project, Tracks, due to start filming this spring, has been delayed until a director is hired. And since the remake of The Women, with Meg Ryan, is still in the writing stage, Roberts’ $12 million services < are up for grabs. At least for now.

Mary Reilly

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