Abbott & Costello, Martin & Lewis Haim & Feldman? Why not? Ever since the two actors dubbed by teenybopper fan mags as ”The Coreys” joined forces as a comedy team back in the ’80s, they’ve been virtually joined at the hip — both on screen and in the irony — soaked minds of their Gen X fans.

While the duo has been out of the cineplex limelight for years, they’ve been a fixture in video stores, churning out B movies such as their sixth and latest collaboration, Dream a Little Dream 2. In this lame straight-to-tape sequel, the two play pals drifting apart — that is, until two pairs of psychically enhanced sunglasses arrive in the mail, prompting the appearance of a gorgeous killer and a bungling mobster. As they weakly riff off each other while on the lam, the Coreys look like an unsightly ”after” photo of the bubblegum pinups they were when they first teamed up — hilariously — as paranoid suburban vampire hunters in the otherwise run-of-the-mill The Lost Boys.

A year later the Coreys shared the marquee for another suburbia-set romp, License to Drive. Compared with such ’80s teen-lust comedies as Porky’s and Risky Business, License is pure vanilla. But as a high school loser, Haim taps into some real adolescent neuroses when he fails his driver’s test but nonetheless takes his grandfather’s Cadillac out for a hot date with a girl named Mercedes when he’s egged on by his horny buddy (Feldman).

Unfortunately, the pair felt the need to grapple with more existential material in Dream a Little Dream, a warmed-over comedy-drama about a high school outcast (Feldman) whose body is taken over by a curmudgeon (Jason Robards). Haim is certainly winning as his punked-out pal, but Feldman fails in his bid to become a serious actor.

No doubt fearing typecasting, the Coreys stopped working together for four years. In the interim, Feldman pled no contest to cocaine- and heroin- possession charges and Haim starred in Prayer of the Rollerboys. When they reunited for the surprisingly sharp thriller Blown Away, out went the boyish pranks, and in came the slo-mo sex scenes. If this detour seemed too good to be true, it was. Their next gig, the scuba-school farce National Lampoon’s Last Resort, is grisly. From Haim’s dazed Bill & Ted imitation to Feldman’s sharp-dressed greasiness, it’s clear that if the Coreys plan to keep popping up in the New Releases section, they need a serious makeover, and fast. Perhaps they should take a cue from Abbott & Costello and make The Coreys Meet Frankenstein. Now who wouldn’t cough up three bucks to see that? Dream a Little Dream 2: D The Lost Boys: B+ License to Drive: C+ Dream a Little Dream: C Blown Away: B+ Last Resort: F

Blown Away
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