Plus Quentin Tarantino and Margaret Cho unite

By Michael Szymanski and Cindy Pearlman
Updated February 24, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

NO FUSS, NO BUS: Watch carefully during The Brady Bunch Movie and you’ll see original mom Florence Henderson, original maid Ann B. Davis, and a less-than-original Partridge Family bus. That’s right, the psychedelic vehicle from that other ’70s-family sitcom rolls by briefly — and getting the rights to the rig was harder than getting Jan a prom date. ”It was like dealing with the CIA,” says Bunch director Betty Thomas. ”We could only use a replica of the bus under the following regulations: No one on the bus could look like a Partridge Family person. No one on the bus could be dressed like a Partridge Family person.” And hiring any former Partridges to appear in Bunch was way out of the question. ”We’d have had to hire away O.J.’s lawyers to negotiate that one,” says the director. Meaning Danny Bonaduce will have to wait for the sequel.

FRIEND OR CHO: Having Quentin Tarantino withdrawal? A fix is on the way. The Pulp Fiction director appears on the Feb. 22 episode of ABC’s All-American Girl, starring longtime friend Margaret Cho. Tarantino, who plays Cho’s boyfriend on the show, is already plotting their next project. ”Maybe I’ll put her in her first feature: Tarantino and Cho Meets Frankenstein,” he says. Adds Cho: ”We’ll have a crime spree on TV.” But cameo roles aren’t all Tarantino is landing: He’ll star in the upcoming film Destiny Turns on the Radio as a mysterious gambler with a faraway gaze. Sounds right.