Some fascinating facts about our critics, our writers, our covers -- and you

By EW Staff
Updated February 24, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

*Amount of paper used to print all the issues of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY published to date: 52,591 tons

*Number of times EW writers have used the words legendary (387), boomer (270), auteur (172), slacker (113), twentysomething (100), Generation X or Gen X (97), eponymous (61), Über (100), and 90210 (301)

*Number of covers featuring celebrities blowing bubble gum: 2 (Jodie Foster and Bruce Willis)

*Total number of times Madonna and Julia Roberts have appeared somewhere on our cover: 12 times each

*Best-selling regular weekly single issue on the newsstand: Trek — Inside the Tense Final Days (May 6, 1994)

*Worst-selling single issue on the newsstand: The Nancy & Kitty Show (April 26, 1991; about Kitty Kelley’s tell-all biography of Nancy Reagan)

*Number of prime-time TV shows that debuted in 1990 and are still on the air: 7 (America’s Funniest Home Videos, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Law & Order, Wings, Seinfeld, Northern Exposure, and Beverly Hills, 90210)

*Number of albums on the Billboard 200 chart in spring 1990 that are still on the chart: 1 (the original cast recording of The Highlights From the Phantom of the Opera)

*Total number of pages subscribers would have received if they’d gotten all issues to date: 21,488

*EW’s batting average for Oscar predictions: .700

*EW’s batting average for Grammy predictions: .339

*Total number of pages printed to date (includes advertisements and inserts): 24,900,344,000

*State most represented on the Mail page: California (294 times)

*State least represented on the Mail page: North Dakota (0-the only state never represented)

*Total grades EW’s critics have awarded the movies reviewed since the magazine’s premiere issue: 96 A’s, 285 B’s, 267 C’s, 136 D’s, and 36 F’s