In the works

By Albert Kim
February 24, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

What has a green face, wears a yellow zoot suit, and sports a nifty user interface? In May, it will be Jim Carrey on CD-ROM. That’s when New Line New Media will publish Behind The Mask, a look at the making of the hit comedy. The CD-ROM will let you read the screenplay, browse through production stills, and see and hear interviews with the cast and crew.

Behind The Mask will also take you step by step through the creative process. For the scene in which Carrey morphs into a wolf, you’ll view the inspiration (a classic Tex Avery cartoon), read The Mask‘s script excerpt, see the storyboards, watch how the special effects were accomplished, then take a look at the final, completed version. ”There is a sense that we have the opportunity to do something more colorful and different than what films usually offer,” says Mask director Charles Russell. ”It’s like running away to join the circus.”

*The next round in the late-night TV fights begins later this month in a new locale: the World Wide Web. NBC is busy building a Tonight Show With Jay Leno website to counter Late Show With David Letterman‘s home page. Both sites will feature photos, jokes, and show highlights, and will be updated daily. CBS’ site will also have a section for Tom Snyder’s Late Late Show. No word yet on when Joe Franklin’s going on-line.

*From Devo, the original flowerpot-hatted New Wavers, comes Devo Presents Adventures of the Smart Patrol, a CD-ROM game due in the fall from Inscape. Two of Devo’s founders, Gerald V. Casale and Mark Mothersbaugh, will write the interactive sci-story, in which players battle a sinister force known as Big Entertainment. We assume that before you try to boot up the software, you’ll arm yourself with a whip that you can crack.