By Erik Esckilsen
February 17, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

SLEEP WITH ME Eric Stoltz, Meg Tilly (1994, MGM/UA, R, priced for rental) Despite its provocative title, this love-triangle story of two best friends, Joseph (Stoltz) and Frank (Craig Sheffer), vying for the same woman, Sarah (Tilly), is surprisingly passionless. Sarah, supposedly torn between two lovers, never seems to have much love for either of them — not even the one she marries early on. Likewise, Joseph and Frank appear to share no greater bond with each other than with any other members of their cynical clique, leaving the emotional stakes in this dark Three’s Company episode pretty low all around. The senior-Xer cool that permeates Sleep With Me takes on some comic warmth, however, from its supporting actors, particularly Dean Cameron as the poker buddy who can’t keep the other players focused on the game. C+