By Owen Gleiberman
Updated February 17, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

THE JERKY BOYS (Caravan, R) Two no-personality idiots making prank phone calls may not sound like much of a comic concept, but, in fact, it would have been a damn sight funnier than this witless turkey, in which the Jerky Boys (Johnny Brennan and Kamal), tele-joke specialists from Queens, get mixed up in a generic Mob caper, which they squirm out of by doing impersonations of an Indian cabdriver, an Egyptian musician, and — are you ready to die laughing? — two swishy gay guys. If this were a Saturday Night Live sketch entitled ”Funny- Accent School,” you’d greet it as a chance to hit the fridge. At feature length, it’s like a comedy in which the comedians forgot to show up. F