EW covers Sheryl Crow's unreleased debut album, Kevin Bacon's biggest complaint about Jim Carrey, and more

By EW Staff
Updated February 17, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

COUNTING CROW: Now that Sheryl Crow has become the next big thing, her unreleased 1991 A&M debut album is a collector’s item, going for as much as $100 in record-collector catalogs. Why was the untitled recording, which A&M went so far as to send to a few critics, never released? ”This album didn’t represent the heart and soul of Sheryl’s music,” says Diana Baron, A&M’s VP for publicity. Crow’s manager, Scooter Weintraub, agrees: ”(The songs) were a bit lush for her taste. The Americana in what she does was gone. She also understood that it wouldn’t fit in today’s youth market.” While some of the songs have been covered by other artists — Wynonna Judd sings the tune ”Father Sun” on Tell Me Why — the Grammy-nominated newcomer has no plans to resuscitate her old material. Instead, she’s working on a follow-up to the double-platinum-selling Tuesday Night Music Club, due next year. Notes Weintraub: ”She’s a pretty prolific writer.”

GUITAR MAN: Eerily convincing as Ike Turner in What’s Love Got to Do With It, Just Cause‘s Laurence Fishburne is now poised to portray yet another ’60s musician: Jimi Hendrix. That is, if the film can see its way clear of the purple haze. ”My production company has the rights to (David Henderson’s) book about Jimi’s life (‘Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky),” says Fishburne. ”We’re in partnership with Disney trying to negotiate the music rights and trying to find the appropriate writer, someone who will give us what we need.” Although Hendrix was just 27 when he overdosed in a London hotel room, the 33-year-old Fishburne believes this is a role he was born to play. ”Look at me, man! Look at me. You can’t see the resemblance?” he asks. ”Yeah, he died at 27, but he looked 38.”

ACED OUT: Goofball Jim Carrey and serious actor Kevin Bacon are rivals? According to Bacon, yes. Despite his impressive performances in last year’s The River Wild and his new film Murder in the First, Bacon says his two children, Sosie, 2, and Travis, 5, would rather watch the lanky comedian than their own dad. ”They are, quite frankly, less interested in my work than I’d like them to be,” says Bacon. ”I keep saying to my son, ‘Hey, come on. Kids like Tremors. Don’t you want to watch it? My son is like, ‘Forget Tremors. Can we rent Ace Ventura?”’ Well, maybe they’d just rather watch the action-packed River Wild. No, says Bacon. ”My kids say, ‘Nah, Jim Carrey isn’t in that one.”’

CHAT PACKER: Jason Priestley directs; Jennie Garth makes movies of the week. Now Beverly Hills, 90210‘s Gabrielle Carteris has a day job. Her eponymous syndicated talk show, an issues-oriented gabfest, will debut in September. Though she’s part of the youth-minded chat-show explosion (along with Tempestt Bledsoe, Carnie Wilson, et al.), Carteris claims she’s no Ricki Lake wannabe. ”Her show is, uh not my style,” says the 34-year-old actress, wife, and new mother, who hopes her show will be able to bridge the gap between generations. ”I bring the audience of 90210, but older women won’t think I’m a teenybopper with no mind.” Yet Carteris admits to being influenced by the queen of the genre. ”Oprah‘s a real, real person,” she says. ”She’s got warmth and intelligence, but I’m not trying to be like her or anyone else. There’s only one Oprah, one Ricki, one Richard Bey. Thank God!”