By Michael Sauter
February 17, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

ANDRE Tina Majorino, Keith Carradine (1994, Paramount, PG, priced for rental) In the year of Lassie and Black Beauty, the dark-horse winner of the Lovable Mammal box office race was…a harbor seal? Actually, Andre is played by a cuddly sea lion, but no matter. Once he’s adopted by a friendless little girl (Majorino), his ball-bouncing, flipper- waving, Bronx-cheering antics endear him to the whole community — and this in a fishing village that just naturally hates harbor seals! Believe it or not, Andre is based on a true story. But after 94 long minutes of dreary human drama, randomly interspersed with musical seal-trick montages, even the kids will be crying for some pulpier fiction. C+