By Albert Kim
Updated February 10, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

Did you know that if you rearrange the letters in Orenthal James Simpson you can spell, ”O.J. on simple harassment”? Probably not, because like most rational folk, you don’t spend much time devising mindless diversions based on major news events. So, you’d have to be — excuse me — insane to enjoy O.J.’s All- American Race to Acquittal, which makes anagrams formed from Simpson’s name seem as weighty as forensic analysis.

Race is essentially a board game: Click on the rolling dice and move your white Bronco around a string of tiles (Evidence, Tabloid Journalists, Lawyers, etc.), gaining or losing jurors and money. The object: Get acquitted by winning over 12 jurors and landing on Judge Lance Ito’s square. The tone is kitschy and self-knowing, while the wit is base and uninspired. Land on the Maury Povich square and read, ”Today on Maury: Al Cowlings — was he just O.J.’s driver? (Lose 2 jurors. Oh, and by the way, Connie still isn’t pregnant.)”

That’s as good as it gets. You’ll probably kick yourself, knowing you could have spent your time guring out that O.J.’s name is also an anagram for ”Ito pens: O.J., harmless man.” D