The sequel to "Interview With the Vampire" -- Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are on-board for Ann Rice's "Vampire Lestat"


The idea of making a sequel to the $102 million-grossing Interview With the Vampire has many a heart beating wildly. Author Anne Rice, in her most recent Variety ad, extolls not only the virtues of Interview but also the second installment in her Vampire Chronicles, The Vampire Lestat, which she claims would be ”much easier to film.”:

Meanwhile, Tom Cruise is reportedly sharpening his fangs for another go at the title role, and even Brad Pitt, who plays the morbidly depressed Louis, says he wouldn’t mind sinking his teeth into part two. ”I would do it because Louis is only in the next book for about five minutes,” says Pitt, whose current role in the Montana epic Legends of the Fall has helped catapult him to sexiest-man-alive status. ”He comes in and all the other vampires hate him because he squealed on them. They want to see him on a leash. That might be fun.” There could be one slight problem with playing the part — Pitt’s hair has been shorn. ”I’m into the no-maintenance look,” he says. ”I don’t even want to grow it out to play Louis again. I’d put on a wig.” Oh, the horror!