By Bob Strauss
February 03, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

Can you spell out ”Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation” on a control pad in 60 seconds? Can you cope with computerized opponents who never seem to chime in to answer questions, no matter how easy? Are you willing to tolerate disc-access delays that feel nearly as long as the commercial interval on TV between the announcement of the Final Jeopardy category and the query itself? If so, then you, too, can be a Sega CD Jeopardy! contestant. Your prize: better-than-average digitization of the Jeopardy! set and host Alex Trebek, and questions that won’t insult the average player’s intelligence. But one thing’s for sure: Until someone develops voice-recognition technology for Sega CD, game shows will always be more fun to watch on television than to play on this system. B-