Golden Globes a bore -- With lengthy acceptance speeches and tiring tributes, the awards show fell flat

By Jessica Shaw and Casey Davidson
Updated February 03, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

So little time, so many thank-yous. Despite some unusually intimate moments — Jamie Lee Curtis keeping her left breast from spilling out of her dress; Martin Landau revealing that Tim Burton brushes his hair ”every six months whether he needs it or not” — The 52nd Annual Golden Globes Awards proved that it’s still just another free meal. Witness the endless acceptance speeches, gratuitous close-ups, and insufferable tributes:

Number of people X-Files exec producer Chris Carther thanked in his 1-minute-37 second acceptance speech: 29
Number of people Elton John thanked in his 39-second acceptance speech: 4
Number of times Hugh Grant begrudgingly admitted, ”I suppose I should thank ”: 3
Number of times Quentin Tarantino said ”uh” in his acceptance speech: 11
Amount of time dedicated to honoring living legend Sophia Loren: 14 minutes 36 seconds
Amount of time dedicated to honoring 19 departed legends in a ”Goodbye Dear Friends” segment: 55 seconds
Number of close-ups of Arnold Schwarzenegger: 8
Number of awards Arnold won: 0
Number of times Johnny Depp winked: 2