Data's video favorites -- Brent Spiner loved "Searching for Bobby Fischer" and "Waterland"

By EW Staff
February 03, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

Although his android alter ego, Data from TV’s Star Trek: The Next Generation, may be programmed for everything but emotion, Brent Spiner’s real-life video tastes reveal a fondness for the human touch.

Searching for Bobby Fisher ”I think this was the best movie I ever rented on video. Every portrayal was great, and I regret not seeing it on the big screen. Ben Kingsley is fabulous, and the boy (Max Pomeranc) was fantastic. I’d like to know what planet he came from — he’s out of this world.”

Waterland ”This was my next favorite video last year, because I think Jeremy Irons betters himself with every role.”