Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't

By EW Staff
January 27, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

Mail from our readers

‘BEST’-LOOKING My sincere compliments to the EW graphic designers for the ”Best of 1994” double issue (#255/#256, Dec. 30/Jan. 6). It was the most totally unified and striking layout design of any magazine issue I think I’ve ever seen. It’ll be a tough achievement to top, but I’m betting the best is still to come.
Ben Santora
New York City

What? Streisand isn’t Entertainer of the Year? She isn’t even on your list? I’m getting farklempt; let’s discuss.
Will Scott

David Letterman has the best show on late-night television and practically carries the CBS network on his shoulders. I can’t believe he wasn’t one of your top entertainers of the year.
Jason Blanks
Lanett, Ala.

Putting Heather Locklear, Ricki Lake, and Jim Carrey on the Top 12 list not only makes readers believe they possess talent but also ruins the hope of seeing performers who deserve proper recognition. How about Ralph Fiennes, Susan Sarandon, and Claire Danes?
Aimee Cooper
Austin, Tex.


I cheered for your choice of best TV show: The X-Files is a commendable show that deserves the honor. It’s not just another cult program; as its catchphrase says: ”The truth is out there.”
Lisa Barrett
Livonia, Mich.


I can’t believe you picked Pulp Fiction as the No. 1 movie of the year. I just can’t see naming a movie with all that violence and drug use as the best picture. What about Forrest Gump?
Greg Heitz
Whitefish Bay, Wis.

Number of times Forrest Gump was mentioned in the ”Best of 1994” issue: Twenty-six…27…I lost count. Final analysis: too many. Gump was just okay. Are we so starved for representations of goodness in our entertainment that we go nuts over manipulative, sentimental, simplistic pap?
Jayne Aquilina
Rochester, N.Y.


Beck’s Mellow Gold ”Album of the Year?” Sure, ”Loser” was a terrific single, with its bombastic drum line and irresistible guitar hook, but the remainder of the album had none of these qualities. ”Sonically inventive?” ”Sonically annoying” is a better description for Beck’s melodically impaired drivel.
Jason S. Santo
Malden, Mass.


Hanks and Grant are sublime, But naming Reznor was a crime. He’s no match for Michael Keaton, And Gary Sinise can’t be beaten. Brandon Lee had style and grace, Raul Julia can’t be replaced. They all have class and appeal, As Morrison said: ”You make me real!”
Valerie McManis
Venice, Fla.