Ellen DeGeneres goes to the movies -- The star of "Ellen" is set to appear in "Mr. Wrong"

Add Ellen DeGeneres to the list of comics who did a sitcom and got noticed. The star of Ellen has just signed with Disney to do the dark romantic comedy Mr. Wrong, about a seemingly perfect husband who turns out to be, well, less than right. ”It’s a combination of Something Wild, After Hours, and Mary Poppins if Mary Poppins were naked,” says DeGeneres, referring to a scripted nude love scene between her and her yet-to-be-named costar. (According to coscreenwriter Chris Matheson, Nicolas Cage is the top contender.) DeGeneres agreed to do Wrong last month after Disney chairman Joe Roth sent her the script, which she says is hysterical. ”There are so few good scripts out there, and I’m not Julia Roberts or Sharon Stone I think I’m right after Ricki Lake.”