Soap storylines -- What we don't want to see in the new year, including Deidre Hall's possessed character

By Alan Carter
Updated January 20, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

With the New Year well under way, let us consider some Things We Don’t Want to See in 1995:

That embarrassing Exorcist rip-off on NBC’s Days of Our Lives. Deidre Hall as a woman possessed? What demon took hold of the writers? Please, no more story lines involving twins (Loving, All My Children), women in peril (Days), surprise relatives (One Life to Live), people returning from the dead (The Bold and the Beautiful), old coots marrying young babes (One Life), rape (Days), or memory loss (everyone is guilty).
All My Children‘s new opening and theme song. They have to go.

John Castellanos (John Silva) hanging around on Y&R with nothing to do. Give him a purpose or get rid of him! And Ricky Martin’s (Miguel’s) hair. Doesn’t the hairstylist at General Hospital have a comb? Until 1996…happy viewing.