Rabid fans show support for "My So-Called Life" -- All the protests in the world can't convince ABC executives to save the drama

By Jessica Shaw
January 20, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

May the fires of Hell split the Earth and envelop you and all your evil cohorts who have so heinously murdered such a fine program.” So wrote one fan of My So-Called Life to ABC. All for naught. Despite receiving 5,000 letters and 2,798 postings on America Online, the network will shelve the low-rated drama (it’s consistently in the bottom 10 of the Nielsens) on Jan. 26. The number of protests, argues ABC’s Brian McAndrews, ”is not statistically significant. (The show) has to grow beyond that hard core.” Also falling on deaf ears is the critics’ acclaim. ”It’s a sorry statement as to how little impact print journalism has on culture,” says exec producer Ed Zwick. Though ABC is reserving the right to renew the show, one fan is preparing for the worst. ”We may not save it,” says writer Steve Joyner, 27, who organized Operation Life Support, the group responsible for the letters. ”But we didn’t just sit on our butts and watch another quality program go down.” (With reporting by Cindy Pearlman)

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